I was in my mid 20s when I was dating someone I thought was the perfect guy. About a year in he got terribly addicted to pornography. I thought of myself as a very liberated Cool Girl back then so I didnt see the problem for a long time. (I was using porn too and I didnt have a problem) Our sex life totally dried up. After spending all his free time masturbating he couldnt perform in bed. I was so in love I convinced myself I didnt mind. But the inability to perform made him mean. He started to tell me the problem was I was so boring in bed so I begged him to tell me what to do. (He told me to figure it out.) He resented me for coming home because it meant he would have to stop watching porn and talk to me. That made him meaner. When a stranger called me a whore he agreed with them. It escalated at some point to constant emotional abuse and manipulation. Eventually he left me because in his own words he just wanted to have sex with other people. Porn ruined our relationship.

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