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Here you can share anonymously how pornography has harmed you in some way. Please only do so if you are over the age of 13.

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We have implemented a range of safeguarding measures that protect your privacy, consent and anonymity. The form below is designed to make sure you cannot be identified. PLEASE NOTE: As a campaigning charity, CEASE UK is not permitted to provide therapeutic or other frontline services to Expose the Harm contributors. We have compiled the Resources page signposting many specialist UK based charities and services which can provide excellent support to people who require it.
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TRIGGER WARNING: “Please be mindful when deciding on whether to read these stories that they are emotionally impactful and may be triggering. Within people’s accounts, there is mention of rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse, other forms of abuse and violence, self-harm and suicide. There are various helplines available for support.