Expose the Harm is run by the charity CEASE, the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation.

We believe that to end sexual exploitation you have to understand what’s driving it. Our work shines a light on how the pornography industry is driving harm and exploitation which is felt across the whole of society.

There is a wealth of research showing that pornography harms people’s health and wellbeing, but real life experiences speak louder than data and statistics. 

That’s why we’ve built Expose the Harm. 

Change is coming.

For 20 years, the online pornography industry has looked like the Wild West. Today, most businesses have to comply with strict rules and regulations to protect their customers. Not the pornography industry.

The vast companies behind pornography websites have avoided regulation in order to make greater profits. They have made money from videos of rape, abuse and other non-consensual sex acts and avoided measures to keep children off their platforms. 

Learn more about the online pornography industry in Expose Big Porn.

The lack of regulation in pornography means:

  • Children’s free, unlimited access 
  • Illegal content including videos of trafficking, rape, Image-based sexual abuse (“revenge porn”), covertly filmed material and child sexual abuse material.
  • Content that would be refused the BBFC R18 classification.

Government regulation of the pornography industry is urgently needed. “Expose the Harm” will become a crowd-sourced evidence log of the various harms driven by pornography by individuals from all walks of life. This will be used to help MPs and decision-makers to grasp the urgent need for robust laws that will make porn sites protect children and to stop them from hosting illegal and harmful content.

Join us today to ensure that the Government does not give the pornography industry a free pass. Share your experience, and sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page for updates on the work to hold them to account.

TRIGGER WARNING: “Please be mindful when deciding on whether to read these stories that they are emotionally impactful and may be triggering. Within people’s accounts, there is mention of rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse, other forms of abuse and violence, self-harm and suicide. There are various helplines available for support.