[Please note; this story may be triggering. Please read with caution. TWs include: mentioning of rape]

The trauma that pornography has inflicted upon my life is too plentiful to go into in one short message – but one thing I recalled recently (a flashback completely out of nowhere) was happening upon a video of two women being raped on a mainstream porn site. I can’t describe my feelings at the time – it’s almost as if they’re locked away.

I have so much anger in me (on the surface of things, over stupid, superficial stuff) and have found myself wondering how much of it has come from this one experience that I still feel numb about to this day.

Whilst I suspect that a video like this probably wouldn’t crop up on a mainstream site nowadays, I feel angry when I consider that any 13-year-old (or much younger) can still access any kind of pornography at the click of a button.